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The show, its founder & where to find us.

You see, we pirates can't make ourselves "too obvious", lest the powers that be catch wind of us & spoil the party altogether.  But we do have a presence on YouTube, in the dark & dusty corners.  We used to have a page up on before that platform got the axe.  And then after that it was FacebookAt least until Mr. Zuckerberg was peer pressured by the Feds into allowing data mining.  We shut our FB page down days after the press release.  And then for quite a long bit I was looking for a Blog forum that catered to obscure, red-light district kinds of fun.  Like midget-clown porn, or the LGBTG community's posts since they always bear the brunt of public scrutiny.  Basically anywhere you'd be a fool to let your kids Internet browse to when you're not looking.  I "almost" jumped on the Tumblr bandwagon but before I could get a page written up, they got busted for one of their clients posting child pornography in their feeds & Tumblr's content filter folks missed it.  The poor bastards should've paid closer attention.  Anyway, I was back on the hnnt for another forum that's big enough to have a few million subscribers, but not so busy it attracts the Fed's attention.  Enter Vero Social.  (  ).  Granted, they don't let you host graphic, ass-pounding porn or people behaving psycho-perverted, pissing on one another or fucking chickens.  But I figure that's seedy enough for our content.  If you want to look us up there, you can find me as James "the Marquis" Johnson (yeah, I know. Totally not an interesting name but WTF).  I like Vero because almost everyone on there are not-famous people.  Just your average joes with a little splash of unusual.  Genuine & not at all Hollywood plastic personaly.  So that's what "Debaucherous" is using for a Social media outlet nowadaysThat and YouTube.


The ubiquitous YouTube


The first video I popped onto YouTube was just an "off the cuff" demonstration of an instrumental I'm publishing on Necrovision's soon to be posthumously released CD "Effigy".  It was by no means professionally done as the lighting was completely wrong, I wasn't in costume, and the audio came straight from the cheap Piezo microphone typical in Canon Powershot "point & shoot" cameras.  I did it more as a video journal to myself so I don't forget how to freaking play it than a production release to the general public.  But the French (Quebec & France) seem to like it so I'm leaving it there.  So here it is...  Les Vents du Cheval.  Or in plain English "The Horse Winds".

The Horse Winds

Creation Date: June 30th, 2009

Videographer: yours truly, le Marquis de Ceas'd.

Then came the only music video the band "Necrovision" ever made as a group.  Again, we captured all the video segments with a cheap Canon PowerShot ELPH & pieced it all together with Microsoft's own "Movie Maker".  I might add, this was a lot of freaking fun to make, and we received a lot of art direction from a good friend of ours in the professional photography business.  This has always been the band's favorite song in our repertoire.  The video, however campy & clearly amateur, doesn't disapoint.  We give you... "Chase the Dragon"

Chase the Dragon

Creation Date: May 3rd, 2009  (Copyright 2015)
Videographer: le Marquis de Ceas'd.
Costume Design:  Landes Costumes by Rachel (now defunct), John Dashiel, Mike Gallagher & le Marquis de Ceas'd.
Video Concepts: Joseph & Sarah Beth Name, and le Marquis de Ceas'd.
Location: #@'er Entertainment.


What's on the drawing board for tomorrow?

I'm going to continue producing music videos for our favorite "Necrovision" carry overs, including such classics as "Curse of the krackAss", "My Many Heads", and "Effigy".  And that's where we'll draw the line in the sand & say that this was yesterday.  Now its time to look to tomorrow.  And time hasn't softened our resolve at being decadently misbehaved either.  Shit's going to happen, mates!  And it'll be the talk of the town for a long time coming.