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Our lady ~ the sea

The resurrection of "Necrovision", albeit under a new pseudonymn.  March 3rd, 2013.

Our current show, dubiously titled "Debaucherous" didn't always have that name, contrary to all outward appearance.  We used to operate under the name of "Necrovision" as early on as winter 2003.  But three years later, a Turkish gaming software developing franchise stole the name for a 1st person shooter & flooded MySpace & YouTube with game-play videos.  Further burying our presence on both forums in search query results.  At that time, we hadn't trademarked the name or copywritten any content to thwart our would be name thieves.  But we've learned our lesson this time & are doing the paperwork right.  Not all of what we did in "Necrovision" will be brought over to the new show.  To be honest, some of the content is just "too controversial", probably illegal & was even so repulsive that it was distasteful to us.  It was a bad time for me & a good deal of behavioral therapy was in order to curb the dysfunctional thinking.  But you know how it is in show-biz...  "Some fucked-up" is always a good thing.  Anyway, in honor of our previous show, I'm going to posthumously release Necrovision's "Effigy" CD while we're moving forward with this show.  It's a respectful homage to where we came from & a closing of the book so to speak.  "Debaucherous" will still have all the mischief, comedy, and "thats just wrong" moments, but without all the darkness.


Off to a slow start, but we've thrown off the bow lines & set sail.  Winter 2017.


Damn, do I ever loath procrastination.  But I'd be lying if I said I didn't drag my feet this year.  My brother Josh has ran his own cover band since the early 90's & has been fighting hard to stay active in the business.  So I've been filling in as bass guitarist ever since Oct 2016.  But even his itenerary is running lean on dates as of late & unrest is growing with the other members.  I challenge any band to stay busy in the shitty music market we have today, let alone get paid what you're worth.  But it does pose a good opportunity for me.  A chance to get back to story-boarding the next chapter of our show at "Debaucherous".  I made mention back in 2013 that some of the content in Necrovision's show was downright wrong, explosively controvercial, and most likely illegal.  But lets face it, much of daily life "is".  Its the world we live in.  You enjoy the good moments as they come, and you fight with cutlass & pistol to overcome the bad.  You can't ignore it, and we won't either.   Are we going to obsess about throwing virgins into volcanoes or 3rd world, under-developed country cannibalism?...  No, we'll leave that to bands like Gorgoroth & Cradle of Filth.  But for the vast majority, I'm not ruling any topics out without due consideration.  Suffice as to say, it's time for me to get back to work.  To chart a new course over unfamiliar waters & maybe even raise some hell along the way.  Rest assured, the Pearl Necklace has loosed it's mooring lines & is headed for any ramshackle speak-easy within Rum-tankard toss of the docks to pick up new crew members.  It's time to get back to work.


March 31st of this year playing guitar for Josh Johnson's "Bittersweet Road" CD release party.

Yours truly, the Marquis.

~ His Majesty ~ Lord James Marquis de Ceas'd.