So do you feel swarthy enough to hail a Pirate?

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Since their aint no "Instagram" aboard the Pearl Necklace.


We Pirates aren't what you'd call "Simple Folk" by any stretch of the imagination, but the temptation to use too many forms of Social Networking hasn't gripped us by the gonads just yet.  Rather, we're only relying on YouTube & this website for correspondence.  Though there may be a Facebook presence coming soon.  We'll see...  If you let it out that trouble is coming to town, the authorities always see fit to intervene on any merry making we hooligans partake in.   So we're all about flash-mobbing the locals & let the politicians bark about it after we've left a swath of debauchery in our wake. 


But if need should arise & you really need to holler at us for something, just drop "marquisdeceasd" a line on Gmail.  I check it every couple of days.  We'll come up with a better form of correspondence here soon.