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The show, the culture & the legend.

Many, many years ago (Circa 2003), shortly after the decline of grunge rock & right before the fall of the record label industry, yours truly found a few like minded wayward souls & started up a show called "Necrovision".  It truly was an "interesting" era.  The big labels were on the verge of crashing & the advent of Internet content sharing painted an uncertain picture for performing arts of all kinds. The whole industry was in trouble.  And close to home, I was coming to the conclusion of a pretty disastrous "dark age" of substance abuse (much like most musicians in the 90's did).  I was about to suffer my 2nd divorce, and all my underlying, unresolved personal issues were coming to a head. It still baffles me to this day how "anything" came out of those songwriting sessions, but curiously enough... it's our best material to date.  Then a little later, a Turkish Computer Gaming software developer stole our name & custom developed fonts straight from our web page in 2006 and put the last nail in our coffin.  We tried on & off to recapture some of that fire, but by then I'd begun seeing a family therapist out of necessity & getting my shit together.  I just didn't connect with the music we wrote anymore.  So in Sept of 2012 I closed the doors on Necrovision for good, vowing to resurrect the music again someday.  But without all the dysfunction. 

So here we are in 2017 and I'm now prepared to do just that.  The new show, called "Debaucherous" is more than a rebirth of Necrovision.  Our show was a culture all its own & a veritable way of life.  We are traveling minstrels, vagabonds, pirates, bohemians, and above all veterans of life.  Free & undaunted.


Vocals, guitars, bass, strings, percussion & story telling. His majesty ~ Le Marquis de Ceas'd
Marquis de Ceas'd Oh, if the walls could talk, the tales they'd tell.  While the hippie culture was out partaking of free love, acid trips & flower power, yours truly was soaking up all the Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Led Zeppelin & Queen I could take in.  I began playing guitar in 1977, under the tutelage of my grandfather "Howard Johnson", until the voices of Rock n Roll called to me.  I began adopting the playing styles of Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Brian May & Peter Frampton with a vengeance.  Then in the 80's I brainwashed two of my younger brothers into the Heavy Metal genre & we played in our own group "Legend" all the way up to 1997.  After that, I played in a handful of cover bands, doing everything from grunge, heavy metal, punk, and folk.  But my heart was always in writing original music.  That's when I wrote the show & storyline behind "Necrovision".  Since that project's closure in 2012 I've spent a good deal of time studying East Indian, Arabic & Turkish bellydance music, classical, and World music.  So don't think for a minutes a Pirate can't be cultured.  My passion will always be with Rock n Roll, but the variety in "Debaucherous" will be far better & more entertaining than I ever could have achieved before, just doing Metal.  And all without having to be completely crazy.  I'll die with a guitar in my hand someday, and my dream is to tell you a tale or two that's so legendary you'll be bringing your kids to the show 20 years later.  That's my mission.  And as captain of this ship I promise you I'll deliver.  I am the "Lord James, Marquis de Ceas'd" and I welcome you to "Debaucherous".


To date, there aren't any other members of the show, but I assure you that'll change soon enough.  My former crew have moved onto new adventures, as we all do in the passage of time.  To navigate their own ships & brave whatever perils come along with.  Now I'm looking again for a crew that gives more than an ass scratch whether they live or die.  The trick is making sure you go out of this world fulfilled & laughing, and fate willing, a part of the show.